Warkah Cinta

Here warkah cinta full episode.

Balqis(with niqab/Amirah Rosli), Amir Mukhlis(Imam Muda Nazrul) and Wardah(Heliza Helmi)

 Guess where this place?

Wardah get ill then send to hospital after Amir refuse her love.

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Enjoy watch it without english subtitle. hehe.


Conversation between caunselor with a man at the same time called husband...

Caunselor: What is your job Mr.Smith?
Mr. Smith: I am working as Manager Accounting at fame company
Caunselor: How about your wife? Mrs Smith?
Mr.Smith: Ow.. she's not working. Housewife.
Caunselor: I see. By the way, before you go to work at morning, who prepared your breakfast?
Mr. Smith: Surely my wife. Cuz she not working.
Caunselor: At what time usually Mrs Smith wake up to prepare that breakfast?
Mr. Smith: Usually at 5.30am cuz i go to work at 6.30am and our kids go to school.
Caunselor: How about your kids? They go to school by bus? or what?
Mr.Smith:Nope. My wife send them cuz she not working.
Caunselor: After sending your kids to school. Where usually Mrs. Smith go?
Mr.Smith: Emm, she go to market to buy kitchen thing ,back to home washing cloth, cooking, cleaning
                 house cuz she not working.
Caunselor: At evening, when you back home. What you will do?
Mr.Smith: I am taking rest for sure. Tired working since morning to evening.
Caunselor: Then your wife?
Mr.Smith: Prepare food, taking care of kids and tidying up house cuz she not working.

Based on the story, you think who works more? Routine for Mrs. Smith start from early morning till night, that's NOT WORKING?. Yes,housewife dont need any banchelor but housewife really important ... and there's husband still say they're NOT WORKING.



Love Quotes 1#


 I never thought of loving someone for from my ideal man.

         But when I saw you~ ~ ~

and as I laid my eyes on you, I cant help myself but fall in love to you.