Oh Allah, Thanks for the rain

Hola Fellas,

Who like rain??  Raise up your neck. sound weird and awkward. haha dont be astonised. lol
Raining at Kunak Town now. by the way Kunak Town is one of the smallest town at Sabah.
And I got flu. huhu. The feeling is really bad. Nose stuck like cant breath, cant smell nicely. but Rain? I love it so much awi.

No selling satay at evening, just feeling unwell. This time, I feel wanna laying on the bed and sleep.
 I was planning to seeking for job today, taking form for Relief Teacher job's again as long as i didnt extend study yet. All plan cancelled, change to blogging only  and facing my dearest ohhsem laptop yay.
I think this is the right time to take rest.

I feel like i'm at Korea this time. i feel at egypt much better to feel. wondering.

and Nizam just drawing on his new sketch book..

"aunty,  i know how to write my name now." and he spelling the letters of his name, and i ask him to write it in his sketch book. and the result is:

taraaa. this is his drawing.

"aunty, its look nice right?"
"ya, surely."
"but look at the chicken I draw, it bad. hahaha."
"it's nice too but if  copy from your chicken story book, it will be more nice."
"good idea".
"aunty how to write UMI?" Then he laughed.
I said to him be normal. hehe


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    1. oh like that umy? ok i knew now. will teach him. hehehe

  2. waa so nice ! he good at drawing ! hee . is it raining at Sabah ? long time not raining at Terengganu . btw , take care sis :)

    1. he will do better soon. hehe insyAllah.

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    1. hehe. he was planning to draw me in bride dress. haha with his uncle to be. hehe