Satay.. Satay!!!

Hola fellas,

Satay!!! Satay!! Infront of house every evening Nizam shout to help me selling Satay.
I was like :
"Ijam, why shouting like that?, it's disturbing people I said. He reply me, this is about business aunty be more agressive." 

haha. What should I reply to him that time?

 I'm just cookies seller at morning and selling Satay at evening.

From that 'jobs' make me realised that finding money hard isn't as what I think, It's need patient, hardwork, consistent and much more that I just know. At least with that job i'm not jobless. hehe.

this is what Malaysian call Satay.
Kids do love it. Other than finish parents money, I should help them to earn money. not about money, money,money. Beside, my mom the type who can't just sit without do anything. Giving one idea for her, she will come up with  ten new idea. Even if nothing to do's she keep finding new work to do. Just can't stop her. My luck having mom like her.

And now still seeking for permanent job. I hope so soon and then extend study to Banchelor level. Seeing my niece stydying I feel really jealous but not my rizk yet. Then, teaching Nizam reading now one of my precious job. I hope i'll be good 'teacher' and aunty.

# I hope there's someone I love accept me as who I am.

Satay Seller.