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 first sekali Astagfirullah al azim..

Today evening, I was texting to Aisyah, my bff lillahi taala. Usually we texting when each other really missing so much. When my credit out she will make a call for me. We talk about ourself. Beside, she the one who gave many good influence to myself. I still remember, at the first year at college that time on 2010. I only have about 4 or 5 hijab as I'm new to wear hijab fully. Hehe she help me a lot. Allah pay to her later inshaALLAH. 

ok back to the topic, 
I was text her to tell her that I'm sick.
Not only the body but the ruh too.

she sent me this text:

Dipadang Masyar nanti, manusia akan dibangunkan dengan orang atau benda yang paling dia sayang. Allah akan minta orang tu minta syafaat dengan orang/benda yang dia sayang tu. sebab tu dalam tingkat cinta kita kena letak Allah di nombor satu, Nabi Muhamad nombor dua and nombor tiga bagi lelaki ibunya, bagi perempuan suaminya..

Apa-apapun keadaan, banyakkan selawat dan istighfar
Antara lagi tanda kiamat besar semakin banyak kematian mengejut.. kita tak tahu bila kita mati..

That time I was like My God i'm too far.. I hope this post will benefit and help us to improve ourself to be much better as Muslim.

##Dah jelas dalam bercinta aku kena berpada-pada.
#doakan aku jadi wanita solehah di sisi Allah and semoga bermanfaat sesama kita.


  1. I was in your situation especially in a matter of love.sometime we forgot THE ONE who really love us unlimited.. And i think i still feel the same about, which i think i need more support and advises from others.. :) JUst remember, Allah never left us alone.. :D

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  3. hope allah bless ur days and lead you to the best <3 :)