At evening today we was plan to go out for recreation. nak bersenamlah katakan.. Cuz seems stuck in house everyday as I'm jobless T_T.... Plan was cancelled cuz suddenly rain. Thought can exercise, feel wanna jogging and run away. Hahaha.not run away from house. Feel weak, no energy.

So all the day we keep watching cartoon in youtube and watch all movies i kept in my lappy since years ago.

Back to my topic, well on October 2012 I'm graduated in Management Of Technology majoring at UTM Skudai Johor Bahru. My parents can't come along to celebrate my graduation, I remember when I just arrived at Sabah -my home while I'm not entering house door yet. Mom cry and hugged me;

  " I'm sorry my daughter, mom can't join you on your special day"- Mom
  " it's okay mom, I understand."-Me.

I smile like im heartless and like dont care my mom came or no. The thing is while the graduation ceremony I cry a lot. Mom and Dad not with me that time. Huwaaa... touching jap. My beloved lecturer wipe my tears. Hahaha. Firstly I just cry not hard, but My God..... Know what, my lecturer keep advice, give me strength, and bla bla bla.. Even more make me cry. Can imagine how is it?

Then my dearest Cinta Hati too there while sedey-sedey. Ok thanks bebe!

Holding tight my Diploma.

My cousin.. Pinjam kejap my graduation costume dan Diploma sekali.

After all, I already graduate. Sharp 3 years. hehe. Mmmkay..

Friend ask....

"Chel, when gonna extend to Banchelor?" - Friend
"Maybe later, debts chasing after me" -Me

Teka Teki atau Test IQ

Hola.. Como estas fellas?

I have teka-teki..

*gambar di curi dari Uncle Google

Question is:
    Why bat sleep hanging? --- -----------------English
    Kenapakah kelawar tidur bergantung?------ Melayu

Answer?? Anyone dare?


Don't be shocked.. cuz this my brother question and he the one provide the right answer..


the answer is:

The bat sleep hanging because the bat can't afford to buy bed.

Kelawar tidur bergantung kerana kelawar tidak berkemampuan untuk membeli katil.


Toni Qattan - Afa Guitar / طوني قطان - افا على الجيتار


Love it awi awi... Acoustic surely be my favourite.. No need too many instrument actually with original voice. I'm in love.


Well it's good to hear your voice,
I hope you're doing fine
And if you ever wonder
I'm lonely here tonight..

I'm lost in this moment,
And time keeps slipping by
And if could have just one wish..
I'd have you by my side....

I miss you
I need you...

And I love you more than I did before,
And if today I don't see your face
Nothing changed..
No one could take your place
It gets harder everyday

Say you love me more than you did before..
And I'm sorry it's this was
But I'm coming home
I'll be coming home
And if you ask me I will stay...
I will stay...

#### yang lain cari sendiri..

Award dari adik Sabella Mohamad

salam.. hola fellas..
como estas?
mak aii perasan
angpa tau dak? tak tahu kan?
ha ni nak habaq la ni...

kite dapat award dari adik Sabella Mohamad..
taraa. over lak.. sorry eh Bella. hihi

klik link gambo tu.. atau  klik nama adik Bella ni.. singgah sana tau, Bella ni peramah. tak caye????  biaq p kat hang.. ececece.. gurau. gi terjah blog beliau. Selamat menerjah

Adik bella thenks!

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hehe.. kerajinan pula join segmen ni.. entahlah mengapa.. saya follower 5835 ya nabila. hihi

siapa nak join? cepat-cepat... angkat leher tu..... eh eh eh eh... maksud aku KLIK BANNER COMEL TU...
Tak rugi tau join.. haaaa. sambil-sambil tu kalau dapt jadi bloglist Nabila ni, senang sikit orang nak jumpa link blog kita... tahu tak nabila ni ada sediakan tutorial..boleh buat tempahan... cer gi tengok sendiri..

cemana? tak rugi kan? kan? Jom laa.. alaaa tak rugi pun..

cer tengok siapa yang bertuah untuk di tag:

all readers..

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