5 Days left

Hola, como estas fellas? eberibodi faaaayn? *withmy bebe pronounce*.

Finance what I still remember and the most important for unit trust job. hehe The future value of investment. Money~~ Money~~


Saje nak tunjuk tahap kelembapan otak.okay.. 

My exam just 5 days left and I still not sure if I'm well-prepare or no. huhu..Oh ya since I'm jobless, saya tak choosy sangat about job asal halal.... then I try to be Unit Trust Consultant.

 Well guys, you know what? --- No we don't kriks kriks kriks.

K fine i'm telling now. ----- We dont want to know. 

omg again.nonsense.

Recently, I just found out an easy way not be hoodwinked by investment agents. Seriously, before this when mention about investment. 

"It's fraud"- me
 Sound stupid but thats really is...

Okay. I only can share two how to prevent from tricked by fake agents in unit trust;

1. He/she must have license cards from FIMM and the license still valid.
2. When plan to invest our money find the right place and trusted one. The place we usually hear, know.. jangan asyik nak bedal-- ala-ala skim cepat kaya tuu.. lepas tu korap.Apapun tak dapat

About my exam- I'm taking the FIMM license. Even agent shares- maybe. Do any job with much effort it's can be your carier.

In jobs? Dont too choosy. Or else you will jobless. hahaha

Hafizah the Cutie.


  1. all the best in your exam ya akak! :D

  2. zaman sekarang kalau nak memilih kerja, susah ... huhu... neway, salam kenal yaa... :)

    1. so jangan pilih2 sangat. hehe. salam kenal juga

  3. good luck ya untuk exam tu...

  4. Good Luck Hafizah the cutie , hehe :)

  5. Usaha tangga kejayaan ...

    # btw salam perkenalan :)