Salam hola,
como estas fellas???

First of all, I'd really want to thanks to adik Syahirah cuz willing review my blog... It's one of great thing in blogging, as we know lah kan?. Reviewing each blog can help to improve, to change our blog to be better blog for readers.

Blog arrangements---

-I prefer yang kemas dan tak serabut as long as it's still cute, hehe. Apabila blog lambat loading akak sendiri pun malas nak view. canerlaaa blog akak tu. Then Aisyah, kawan akak suggest the simple one and cute it's enough.

Types of blog

-Types or my blog just personal blog nothing special that's why my entry sometimes be too emotional, or too happy. Kinda online diary. hehe

Mostly my entry in english language than malay language right?

-Let me tell. hehe.

 first and foremost thing is to make it's easier for Mr Hubby to keep in touch with me. He is an egyptian and really thousand mile's away from me, for most we conversation in English language and this blog exist just because him. In add, I love to write and sometimes express feeling in this blog but not fully and complete expressing. hehe. For me , its okay if there's no readers, no comments.. as long as Mr Hubby knowing what I'm doing here at Malaysia, what I plan to, or whatever it is...

Till then I really thanks for those who willing to leave comments or following my blog.

 Ok lah that all for now..

Lots of cute love,
Hafizah the Cutie.


  1. tak agi sbnrnya. gatal je nak pggl hubby.

  2. laa .. ingtkn Hubby td. ehehe.
    baru tah segalanya. akak jgn risau la.. blog ni simple tp bagus and cute ;)
    lagi blogger suka dtg sni..

    thanks mention nama sya =D

  3. so sweet. hihi. follow sini. jom follow nawwar? :)