Stumbled Oh My God!!!!

hola.. como estas fellas?

        It's one day left I have before exam. Kinda nervous. Still not sure if can get 44/60 to pass for the exam and I'm using my dad money for that exam.. haha. need to pass.

       Then today evening though my body still weak, I unite myself to find the location of the university for examination I'll be facing to. Alhamdulillah.. We found the university, well I didn't live at this town though. hehe. Look for the university early one of the thing making well prepared. MIND SETTING is important babe!!

       Luckily, after found the university we stumbled vacancy advertisement too. Its just simple jobs, but I'm jobless.. I'll work any job for experience at least the place is comfort not as what I work at mobile shop before.. right bebe?. It's shame to be tell. hahaha and most important the jobs is HALAL

       There is three available vacancy there, oh by the way it's Acer shop and laptop accessories. The vacancy are Computer Technician, Sales Assistant and one else I forgot hehe. I'm just applying as sales assistant, it's good than nothing right? lolll

One of the employees there, suggesting me to apply as accountant. Kinda surprise, my god!

 Accountant?? - I monologue
If you have basic account why dont you try? - she- the employees for that shop

#don't be too choosy. Look and seek an advantage in yourself. Who know maybe you got the chance?
#thanks to Bebe for supporting and my sister too.

hey guys pray for me to get job soon cuz being jobless really ain't cool.. hehehe.

till then.

Hafizah The Cutie


  1. all the best for ur exam tomorrow dear,,study well

  2. you will success.
    insya-Allah =)

  3. alhamdulillah I pass the exam.