Blog Tutorial- How to customize your blog

Salam hi hola...

For Kakak Afidah,

Actually I dont know many about how to customize blog, somehow I learn it from other blogger.

Im using simple template and customize the simple template based on coding i know and other tutorial from other blogger.

So if want use simple template I can share a bit what I know with help other blogger tutorial.

First of all change the template to simple template.

1. Template --> Simple, choose any simple template yang kakak suka. 
2. Change the background click here  to get cute background or find in Uncle Google image.
   Template  --->  customise ---> background (upload the background)---> kalau dah comel then  Apply to blog.
3. The header.. Kakak buat sendiri atau cari kat google. Or if want me to make for you, with my pleasure, hehe 
4. Then visit this link there sooo many tutorial she share, Kakak may use it. Before start editting visit here first. This the first step on custumizing coding for the blog.

I dont know how to make tutorial hahaha. Just share what I can. If there's not clear, let me know. I'll help.
May useful kakak.

Cikgu ganti BM


  1. Thank you so much dear... "Cikgu ganti BM" ye? haha.btw, kakak mta maaf smlm xdpt on9 bcoz i was soo bz.n again,tq so much for the simple tutorial.i'll try customize my blog by refering to ur tutorial as soon as possible.tqqqqqqqq.... =)

    1. crazy tutorial. its just the step by referring tutorial from other blog . hope it useful.

  2. Nice sharing

    ..... sangat2 bgune kpd bloger baru :)