Handicraft Book 2

Salam hi hola como estas??

After this entry ---> click  This is the other Scrapbook I made, And this one made on 2012 last year..
 I've sell this book while at college RM10 until RM15 each based on accessories they(customer) asked. If complicated one I charge additional payment. hihi. But not so expensive just RM1 till RM5. hehe.

All of this SOLD on 2012. haha.

I made small handicraft book too. Its cheaper than the handicraft at above pic. Rm5 only. hehe..
I still planning to start sell it back or no. Really lazy this time, beside stuff to make this handicraft book tak ada dengan saya lagi. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~

 Ada comel tak?

Lots of Cute Love,
Hafizah the Cutie 


  1. comelnya. .aiya. .sy mnt la kmpul bku2 comel cmnie. . :D agaknya akak ade wt jualan on9 x? hee

    1. buat masa ni akak tak jual lagi.. tgk plan. hehe

  2. comel eh....nak juga dear :)

  3. Krratifnye sis.... sangt cantik & cute ;)