Maybe thats the beginning of Carier

Salam.. hi hola... como estas...


 These days the laziness has come to me even more. Its worst. haha

OK fine, yesterday there is shop I think looking for employee and send me text to hire me. Well its just small jobs but still need interview. They offer me to work in administration department, sound good- a bit.

Than work at mobile shop and facing peer friend with her boyfriend and doing weird? right.. LOL.....
 So inshAllah 8/5/2013 I will be interviewed. Hey Doa for me! One Doa really precious, how if many Doa? hehe. Ya Rab. It's like an investment-again

Then actually I got text from SPA8 since 29 april 2013 as Assistant Administration Officer, remind me to get update the job I've apply. When I login I saw my applicant been processed and at 7/5/2013 I need to review whether I chosen or not to be interview.

Alhamdulillah- I've been chosen BUT I feel blank, what will be asked by the interviewer? Nervous. Hmmm.  

Interview? It's like a bomb- Know??

Dont know? then think.

My unit trust jobs?
 I wont leave it even its hard to find investor. I will keep be a Unit Trust Consultant. hehe.

Sometimes when ordinary work, I mean kinda small job people see.... If have passion and interest on that small carier soon it will be huge jobs. Who know??

Doa- Thats the power of mukmin & mukminah. hehe. and ada tak sesiapa yang berpengalaman dengan penemuduga spa8 ni? Share la sikit.

Pray for me.

Lots of Hope,
Hafizah The Cutie.