Ramadan Kareem

Hi, Hola Como estas?

Ramadan getting close now. Everything need to be prepare. Ramadan the most favourite month for me in Islamic calender. Why?

Well muslims know it. May we get the chance to reach the Ramadan.
I remember my Murabbi had told me
"Ramadan is the one of the most great month to recharge our Iman"

Hehe. Miss that moment.
 He told us

" State your target to get the "highest pointer"  after examination in Ramadan. 3.50 above. Hahaha. Like an exam.

Y'all know what.. Usually, at Ramadan month We (me and Mr. Mohamed) stop texting to focus in Ramadan  ibadah. InshAllah. Sound like weird.

If we can reach this Ramadan InshaAllah... It's the 3rd Ramadan we've faced. Feel missing the Ramadan moment. I feel fine in Ramadan. It's like really fine.

Ramadan showing who actually we are.. We can figure ourself on this month. Well I know, it's still really to talk about Ramadan but really I miss that month.Welcoming ramadan.

And by the way who missing me while im not online please tataplah gambar ni lama-lama untuk mengubat rindu. haha

Anyway, I'm posting this at PJL. Who know what is that?
Okaylah its Pusat Jalur Lebar. Malaysian must familiar with that. Hahaha. Well as in my previous post, my lap top  still didnt fixed yet. huhu. It's  terrible feeling. huhuhu. What the..

Okay then that's all maybe we will meet at other post then. Huahuahuahua. Surely yes. InshaAllah..

So how about you all?