Being Happy


How's those cute and handsome people?
May Allah bless us..

Thanks to Allah cuz giving me chance to live today and chance to do more ibadah, InshaAllah.. After all crisis and other crisis happen, its like there is something Allah want to tell me. 


That thing I almost forgot. Astaghfirullah..

We, mostly myself should be more shame being UNBENEFIT/LESS BENEFIT as muslim.. 
As long as we still have this breath, have this strong.. InshaAllah we still have time to improving ourself... and mostly for me.

When our iman get sooooooooo low, just like our mobile battery when at red level. We getting so ALARMED!!!!!!!!


Sure we get so panic, mostly when we use it at really urgent time... Its feel like that in this heart... This my heart.

All praise to Allah, for this ALARM.. my eyes open widely.. Oh my time just short in donya(world). He will 'call' me home at anytime He want.

I'm not prepared yet..

We can't even refuse when our Khaliq ask us to go 'home'..

For today need to 'wake up' and realising who we are want to be?
Let's our plan our life scripts to get Allah bless and Fighting for Jannah..

Let's we reset our mind and heart while get TEST from Allah no matter it is small or huge... Never look to negative side. Never blame provisions of Allah, angry or sad, because the more we sighed, then the more we become weak...

Trust to Allah.. 

Fighting to minimize our sins..... Forgive me for the previous useless entry.

Ya rab. May those read this post be blessed by Allah.


  1. may we be blessed by Him :) selalu ingat Dia.. insya-Allah akan happy ;)

  2. mashallah ,,barakallah fiky :) nice words dear ,may allah make it reason for hedaya to all of us