Birthday.. Should be HAPPY or SAD?

Salam hi hola people..

Alhamdulillah im already 22 years old since 08/11/2013. Ya rab.

InshaAllah, thanks for friend at facebook who wish and dua for me. Wallahy, its really precious when people dua for us.

So I'm getting older, I'm sure there so many responsible will approach.. Its might be hard or easy.. but after all I wish and dua that I be useful for Islam, if its not now.. InshaAllah.. Being muslimah who loved and missed by Jannah. Allah, Allah Allah.

When we want let's struggle for it.

Oh ya, while sitting at shop I listen to IKIM.FM while Proffesor Muhaya slot.
"People who stress, are those didn't recognise their God"

Huhu.. I reflect, Ya Rab yea..
Astaghfirullah al azim.

He just want grant us Jannah, thats why He give soooo many hard test for us..


What Allah promise us, thats true.

Chill do Ibadah...

and Happy Birthday to me.

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