1 year Passed

 Hey yo! Salam

eh... macam tak percaya setahun dah lepas laaa..
wah!! awesome. buleh kahwin dah ni.. pala hang. k

Alhamdulillah, dah setahun study kt UNIKL (nyanyi cikedd).. oh whatever lah..
I just couldn't wait to finish my bachelor and going back to my home. Missing my family so much.
Emak Bapa oh my they are love of my heart. paling di cintai.

tu yang buruk tu rumah aku. kampung style pure, but sure no loan.
feel envy to the rest of siblings, they able to have good time with Emak and Bapa.
#they went to farm

May Allah bless and protect them, give long life to them and pious to Allah.


pray for my success too..

Lot's of Love

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