RAMADAN : DAY 12 - Aashqui 2

Salam Ramadan!

Woow it's 12 Ramadan already.
Oh my. Still not enough.
Need to maximize use time this Ramadan.

 It was 11 pm already, I'm sleepy but I don't know where come the idea to listen Hindi song.
Cuz I really love to watch Hindi and their song? Oh I do love.


I planning to sleep after listening one Hindi song.

Then, after that I turn wild . wild?. umm. whatever.

I look the downloading Hindi movie then I watch it.

 the tittle was Asshqui 2 but seriously sad ending.
I cried.

not cuz the man end up suicide.
But I imagine in that movie was me and 7obby.

RAMADAN : DAY 11 - Good Morning KL

Salam Ramadan!

How our Iman?
How the Quran recitation?
How many Juzu' already?


 Today, I'm suhur at Kuala Lumpur already. humm
Oh ya I'm staying at Aisyah sister house. Besides, it already evening when I arrived yesterday. So I decide to sleep there.

After fajr prayer picture.

I feel really comfort sleeping with them even though they are not my family.
Yea I do have family staying at Kuala Lumpur, my cousin.
but not comfort cuz they man.


I'm hoping new energy inside me.
for sake my mom and dad.

Ya Allah.

I notice my entry more like diary.

Alamak ohmy. ohmy.ohmy.

Allah protect us all InshaaAllah.

#sweetheart take care at sinai

RAMADAN : DAY 10 - Return to Kuala Lumpur

Salam Ramadan!

The day has come, today I returned to KL already.

I felt heavy in my heart. Finally the day has come. I need to leave my family, mom and dad for my study again.

Ya Allah.

I dua so Allah ease everything here at Kuala Lumpur.

My brother Rajab who drive me to go to airport.

Better view the picture..
I didn't feel fine now.

huhu ..

I will miss them so much.

I'm sure my mom feel so sad cuz I need to return to KL.
I only ask dua from my mom, hope everything fine and I keep strong stay at KL.

I also take chance to snap picture from airplane view.

That's all then.


RAMADAN : DAY 9 - Kampung Bagiang, Kunak

Salam Ramadan!

What we've reach in this Ramadan?
Already wear hijab?..
Cover aurah?

I dua May Allah guide us to be better person. InshaaAllah.
It's Ramadan 9 now.
So in this entry, I gonna write more cuz will share pictures.
I wanted to show to reader, my small place. My hometown.

I mean just the signboard.


Really small town called Kunak.

This is the signboard we will see before enter Kunak Town.
The picture kinda skewed,


I took it while I'm in bus.
I was in hurry taking this picture.


Once I able to take clear picture of the signboard. Sudden I say  " YES!!"  loudly.
 Then one of passenger notice and looking me weird with small laugh.

I felt shy.
I just notice something changed on bus station.
Before,  there many stall on the bus station. Now the stalls gone. Disappear just like that!


Over acting.
They need to find other place to sell their things cuz I don't know the reason. LOL. 

Lastly, signboard people will see before entering my village. I mean our village. Since the village not belong to me.


Umm.. that's all then for this entry.


RAMADAN : DAY 8 - Goldsmith Kunak 'Tukang Balbal'

Salam Ramadan!

 I'm back to Kunak already.

Before I reach home, I stopped by at goldsmith to fixed my necklace. The one broken while I'm at Kuala Lumpur. By the way, while the goldsmith fixing my necklace I took picture of him. haha.

like who care?!


My necklace just small thou. Gift from my elder sister while I was 16 years old.  Alhamdulillah, necklace fixed.

The goldsmith ask payment for RM20.

I was surprised.

That kinda expensive, for person like me. haha
Besides usually, my mom used to pay RM5 if she fixing her jeweleries.

Am I posting on day 8 only about my fixed necklace?

well, I'm happy cuz I able to wear my necklace again.

Till then,
Meet tomorrow on RAMADAN : DAY 9 entry.


RAMADAN : DAY 7 - Gloomy

Salam Ramadan!

Now it’s a week already we’ve been fasting.
 The time really passing without waiting us, what we’ve done or did we being better person. Humm.

Me? I’m still weak.
Dua for me.

Oh ya, so tomorrow morning Inshaallah. I will return to Kunak, I only have few days before return to my university. Huhu

I feel heavy again. I’m gonna live without my family again.
 At KL.

Am I forever alone?


Actually I feel kinda sad cuz our examination result released. I was aiming another Dean result but sadly, I didn’t achieve it.

I feel really disappointed. My eyes like tearing.

Then I think, my Murabbi said to us while I’m taking Diploma previously.
He said “when you couldn’t achieve what you aiming for your exam for while you know that you answer very well, the flashback your sin.”
Allah know the best, He give when we worth it.

May we always to be better person than today.


RAMADAN : DAY 6 - Don't return home

Salam Ramadan!
 how’s the fasting people?

About yesterday, I suppose to return to Kunak today evening. 

But guess what?!

Since last night she keep saying like
“ adik, you going home tomorrow?”
Then she making like sad face. I’m dead.


So today evening I agree not to go back to Kunak yet.
She say "better" 


But I’m satisfied. As long as she happy.

Then since I’m at her house I bought prawn hehe a lot of prawn then ask her just to fry it. 

Yummy!!!! For break fasting la.

But I didn’t take picture of the shrimp. I was focusing to eat the shrimp. If I’m at Kuala Lumpur, I couldn’t eat much as here at Sabah.

Till then,

RAMADAN : DAY 5 - Visit Kak Dayah

Salam Ramadan!

Again I’m so late updating my blog because the network soooooooo crazy! Huff. 

Hihi but it’s okay.

Yesterday, I suppose to go to Tawau to visit my Kak Dayah. She ask me to sleep at her home for day or two but I missed the bus on evening, the last bus.

 Then I tell my mom,
“mom, I go there tomorrow morning then”
My mom say “ ya better, after Suhur prepare your things and don’t forget to bring Manggo for your sister, I already pack it”

Then today, after Fajr salat my mom peeking into my room if I getting ready. Surely I am. Then I turn to a princess hahaha. I mean just dress up. Blah
I arrive early to my Kak Dayah house.

I knock their door
 “knock knock”
She say “ who?”
Then I knock again
She say “who?”
Then I laugh like hahahaha.
Then maybe she recognize my laugh. Hihi
She open the door and She said to her daughters “girls look who came” with her happiness. Yea I can see it from her face. She just too cute!

This baby is our sister Dayah new born. I mean not so, she was born while I'm at KL. her name Shamia.

 and this is Shamsah. She can walk and talking much now. 


I was planning to sleep here only for a night but she from her reaction and words, she want me to stay here longer.

I hope she always happy and her family too.
May Allah give them the best life and happiness forever.


I’m happy having Kakak like her. She is my positive power.
That’s all!

Don't fasting cheat hihi