RAMADAN : DAY 11 - Good Morning KL

Salam Ramadan!

How our Iman?
How the Quran recitation?
How many Juzu' already?


 Today, I'm suhur at Kuala Lumpur already. humm
Oh ya I'm staying at Aisyah sister house. Besides, it already evening when I arrived yesterday. So I decide to sleep there.

After fajr prayer picture.

I feel really comfort sleeping with them even though they are not my family.
Yea I do have family staying at Kuala Lumpur, my cousin.
but not comfort cuz they man.


I'm hoping new energy inside me.
for sake my mom and dad.

Ya Allah.

I notice my entry more like diary.

Alamak ohmy. ohmy.ohmy.

Allah protect us all InshaaAllah.

#sweetheart take care at sinai

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