RAMADAN : DAY 6 - Don't return home

Salam Ramadan!
 how’s the fasting people?

About yesterday, I suppose to return to Kunak today evening. 

But guess what?!

Since last night she keep saying like
“ adik, you going home tomorrow?”
Then she making like sad face. I’m dead.


So today evening I agree not to go back to Kunak yet.
She say "better" 


But I’m satisfied. As long as she happy.

Then since I’m at her house I bought prawn hehe a lot of prawn then ask her just to fry it. 

Yummy!!!! For break fasting la.

But I didn’t take picture of the shrimp. I was focusing to eat the shrimp. If I’m at Kuala Lumpur, I couldn’t eat much as here at Sabah.

Till then,

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