RAMADAN : DAY 7 - Gloomy

Salam Ramadan!

Now it’s a week already we’ve been fasting.
 The time really passing without waiting us, what we’ve done or did we being better person. Humm.

Me? I’m still weak.
Dua for me.

Oh ya, so tomorrow morning Inshaallah. I will return to Kunak, I only have few days before return to my university. Huhu

I feel heavy again. I’m gonna live without my family again.
 At KL.

Am I forever alone?


Actually I feel kinda sad cuz our examination result released. I was aiming another Dean result but sadly, I didn’t achieve it.

I feel really disappointed. My eyes like tearing.

Then I think, my Murabbi said to us while I’m taking Diploma previously.
He said “when you couldn’t achieve what you aiming for your exam for while you know that you answer very well, the flashback your sin.”
Allah know the best, He give when we worth it.

May we always to be better person than today.


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