RAMADAN : DAY 9 - Kampung Bagiang, Kunak

Salam Ramadan!

What we've reach in this Ramadan?
Already wear hijab?..
Cover aurah?

I dua May Allah guide us to be better person. InshaaAllah.
It's Ramadan 9 now.
So in this entry, I gonna write more cuz will share pictures.
I wanted to show to reader, my small place. My hometown.

I mean just the signboard.


Really small town called Kunak.

This is the signboard we will see before enter Kunak Town.
The picture kinda skewed,


I took it while I'm in bus.
I was in hurry taking this picture.


Once I able to take clear picture of the signboard. Sudden I say  " YES!!"  loudly.
 Then one of passenger notice and looking me weird with small laugh.

I felt shy.
I just notice something changed on bus station.
Before,  there many stall on the bus station. Now the stalls gone. Disappear just like that!


Over acting.
They need to find other place to sell their things cuz I don't know the reason. LOL. 

Lastly, signboard people will see before entering my village. I mean our village. Since the village not belong to me.


Umm.. that's all then for this entry.


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