RAMADAN : DAY 29 - Ha?! It's not Malacca

Salam Ramadan!

Today morning, after fajr prayer we going to other city.

So, the first eid not gonna at Malacca.

We going to Faten grandma house at Johore.
So we going down to south of Malaysia.

I meet her grandma they call her as Mak Wang.
I almost always call Mak Wang as Aunty because her age more like to my mom age.
Faten mom, I also always about to call her Kakak, cuz my sisters average.

Faten mom calling herself as Ibu to me, which Ibu mean Mom.

I record short video how they celebrating their night before eid.

It just short video.
I regret that I didn't bring my tripod to get better video.

That's all.


RAMADAN : DAY 28 - "beraya di kampung orang " Malacca

Salam Ramadan!

 This eid, I'm not gonna return to my hometown Sabah.
Previously, I keep celebrate eid at Sg Petani at my kak Long house. Since Sg Petani quite far than Malacca.

So I decide to follow my friend Faten to her hometown.
Beside, we just got short holiday.

I think,
Before I travel outside Malaysia-
I should explore Malaysia first.

That's Faten, I'm gonna celebrating eid with her family too.
I don't know how it would be.

Wait and see.

RAMADAN : DAY 27 - #wordless

(google image)

RAMADAN : DAY 26 - #wordless

(google image)


(google image)

RAMADAN : DAY 24 - Value of Barakah

Salam Ramadan!

I'm counting day already. Few days remaining then RAMADAN will leaving.
So today, I feel miserable and sudden I found article about BARAKAH- Bless- Berkat.

I am writing this, so I can reflect back about myself. As reminder for me. Maybe if there is reader too.

Barakah is not something that you can touch or measure but it's from Allah. Doesn't mean if poor people didn't live in Barakah that's why they not becoming rich and doesn't mean if rich people live in Barakah because Allah grant them wealth.

(near to LRT BANGSAR FLOWER) : note belong to Allah. hihi

Trust me. You can feel it.

I found that we can make checklist life with Barakah. Allahualam.

1. You have a lots of money but you still didn't feel it enough
 It's like logically suppose you able make saving or do sadaqah but you do not know where actually wasted your money.

2. Doing work but always not completed
 You have a lots of idea to do but when you start it you unable to finish it and then you found another new idea, you do the same.

3. Doing something that not giving any benefit
 Even you read a lot of knowledge book but you will hardly to understand and remember it. You thought it will be benefit you, but in fact it's not even stick to your mind.

4. Time wasted just like that
  You say you are busy but actually you are wasting your time for facebook, chatting with friends, watching movie. but when it's time to recite the Quran will be hard for you. The zikr? don't even say it.

5. Never feel peace.
 Even we have a lot's of money, beauty, success but without Barakah it's mean nothing. You even feel becoming far from Allah.

Ya Allah thanks for everything you grant to me. I hope I will be better person.
Ya Allah forgive us all.

RAMADAN : DAY 23 - Friends

Salam Ramadan!

Another 7 days we will be in Syawal.
I don't why . but seriously. I feel like going to tearing that Ramadan leaving slowly.

(FATEN NABILA) - friend of me

Alhamdulillah, since I'm extending my study to Kuala Lumpur I made a lots of friend already.
If this one friend have matter, I able to find my other friend.
It's mean I have a lot of people here do care about me. Maybe more than what I expect or even less.
It's okay.

RAMADAN is always be my best friend, where from this month I can develop myself peacefully without interruption from Syaitan.

I do believe that.
RAMADAN, I hope you stay longer.
I'm fine when you around.

I hope Allah give me chance to meet you again. 
InshaAllah, I will make lot's of friend more. Salehah friend. Environment.
I dua so Allah always protect me from sin, and if I did - I hope I realize fast and do taubah.
Like what Muslim should do.


I wish all my worries for Dunia be gone forever.
I'm going to live in this Dunia for my Akhirah.

My dear friends,
I am happy because all of you can accept me as your all friend.
I'm happy.

Aisyah, Faten, Ida, Ayesha, Suzi, Ima, Kak Dyan, Rosni, Aisah, Siti, Mong, Lalin, Ecak, Lilang, Alia, Kyra, Yayah, Hanna, Kak Minie, Aizat, Shakira, Dayah, Mel, adik Syakirah, adik Aliah, adik Zati, Manar, Intan, Aydah, Fhakira, Mimie, Kak Nurul Iman.

 (Ima & Siti)
 (Aisah & Ima)
 (Aisyah with her Mom- the most kind aunty ever)
If I mention all of their name it will take a lot of typing. I'm happy you all always supporting me. Mostly Aisyah, a person who never fade her love of our friendship even if we are fighting.

My friends thanks.

RAMADAN : DAY 22 - Tazkirah

Salam Ramadan!

How's the fasting?
I dua for reader fast well, do many ibadah.
It's waste when we realize we doing nothing during this month while the fasting day getting leave.

Today after my class, I got meeting for HaluanSiswa Club. I didn't attend. I don't know why. Seem's to do good deed being hard for me.

Astagfirullah Al Azim..

But AlFaruq Academy boss called us, (we have fasilitator team). He said we going to have "Lepaking Program" with Secondary School student as Sg Pusu Secondary School.

Ya Allah,
When we arrive there, I got surprise that I need to do tazkirah for muslimat student's. I don't have any idea.

Even me, weak person but I need to give tazkirah. That was one of the hardest thing I need to do, I am worry if what I say will be different from what I actually do.

Ya Rab,
I wish you make me better. :'(

I'm not good enough.

I gather my strength and I start to open tazkirah topic about
 : Mistake that people do during Eid :
1. Meeting muhrim
2. Aurah
3. Ikhtilat

I'm sure it's not good enough because it's seem the topics being discussed many time in my life but I wish they will practice it and me too.
Just to be better.

Ya Allah.

 SMK Sungai Pusu muslimat students. I came to this school twice already and luckily the muslimat students mostly still recognize me.
I'm glad to be here.

InshAllah for next session, I will do better for my tazkirah, my public speaking, my module and the most important, I need to develop my inner side again and again.

How I'm going to spread da'wah if even me still got nothing at all?
Ya Rab , help me.

these blurry picture took by one of the muslimat student. She was so confident while she didn't even adjust the camera lens to be focus. These picture should be nice if she make it focus.

RAMADAN : DAY 21 - #wordless

Salam Ramadan!

RAMADAN : DAY 20 - Last 10 days of Ramadan

Salam Ramadan people!

Sudden I feel worry that Ramadan gonna leave already. Leaving us, the month that I only feel peace much.

Other month also good, but different with Ramadan month. MashaAllah.
Means I need to maximize to improve and train myself to be better before Syawal come.

So from this training month, I can be much better for next coming month.

(source: google image)

I watched video from Ustaz Azhar Idrus about layt Al-Qadr. InshaAllah . I hope it's still not to late for me to maximize my day with supplication to Allah.

I wish the best for all muslims too.

What to do on this last 10 days?!!!

1. Pray on time, not delaying it.
2. Sleep early, so can awake on mid night to pray, do taubah prayer.
3. Finish the Quran recitation.
4. Do good deed by helping people, or throw any block on road or prepare food for people who fasting.
5. Do sadaqah.
6. For those not fully covering aurah yet, start now.
7. Spread love.

There are so many things that we can do on this last 10 days of Ramadan.

Ya Rab,
 May us all be better person with imaan and taqwa to You.



Salam Ramadan!

How's fasting people?
Alhamdulillah mine, still fine. Even I'm still on fever, I feel so wasted if I miss single day for fasting.

It's late for me to upload my next VLOG, actually it is assignment from my Mentor in way to make me speaker for Alfaruq Academy. InshaAllah.

The VLOG already 80% done, but delayed cuz my fever.

that's it.
InshaAllah I will share that VLOG in my BLOG.

RAMADAN : DAY 18 - Obvious

Salam Ramadan!

Ayesha come to my room and she notice that my face look so pale.

and she said :" are you okay?"
I said :" yea, sure! why not? hihi"

- " you look unhealthy"

then she check my forehead like doctor..

Somehow, I feel awkward.
I said I'm okay.

Then she asked me to wait, she will ask from other room student for medicine.

 Ya Rab.
May Allah accept my fasting.

RAMADAN : DAY 17 - Fever Happen

Salam Ramadan!

Hot weather at KL makes me fever and flu. or maybe cuz I need to adapt myself back to the hot weather. It's not much from my hometown with KL weather.



Village air..

What much better than that?

RAMADAN : DAY 16 - Re-connect friendship

Salam Ramadan!

Friend from Pakistan return yesterday, her name is Ayesha.
Since student mostly return to their hometown today, cuz it holiday. As usual, I will be alone in room. Luckily, Ayesha room close to my room.

So all the day for today, I spent with her.
I accompany her to buy Quran at Masjid Jamek. I mean at Mydin.

I ask her how many times usually she finish read the Quran in Ramadan.
She said if she at her hometown she can read it until 3 three times.

Waaaa... Really amazing.

Then I was asking how old is she.

She said
"Is age compulsory to know in friendship?"
I laughed.
I say
"Surely no. I'm just curios person"
Then she laughed and replied.
"25 and you 19?"

I laugh even much.
"I said not much different. I'm 24."

Oh ya,
She is very nice person.

If I want pay anything for her, she really refusing it. I don't know why. But I insist to pay for her.

There are something same between us two.

guess what?!

Eid without family and often alone


Till then.

RAMADAN : DAY 15 - Iftar with Ida

Salam Ramadan!

How are you people?

Today kinda long day for me.
I have class at 8.30am.
with Ida.

So after class about 11.30 am, we plan to go to Jalan Tar looking for anything. - I don't know what anything mean too.


Unfortunately, we was totally exhausted cuz the weather too hot. I even got flu cuz hot weather and cough. Even till now, my throat feel sore. Hurt. So, we return to my hostel. After asr we move for our plan.


Earlier, we've plan to iftar together.

As always, we buy food at Paradise restaurant - (Pakistani Cuisine)
Cheap and delicious meal.

I don't know what is this desert name. I just take picture of it cuz I feel it very unique and look nice. 

And that aunty, we keep wondering what is she talking about. hahaha.

and what her function actually standing there.

Maybe promoting the food.
She standing in front of the restaurant and speak Malay + Urdu. I think.
What we understand what is she saying about was:

"Beriani Kambing, Beriani Ayam, Mutton "

Entah lah.

But their cuisine really yummy.

We iftar at KLCC Park, then pray at Masjid Al-Syakirin KLCC..

That's Ida.
After pray Maghreb, I took picture of her. While she just sitting and rest waiting for Isya'.

It's feel peace when entering masjid and praying with loud recitation from Imam. Seriously, peace.
Later, we plan to Iftar at any Masjid.
We've seen people from many country praying in that Masjid that time. on girl side. Muslimat prayer room. We see many foreigner.

Really facinating.

Maybe cuz me and Ida, love to make friend with foreigner. Learning their new culture.
Just like me but me surely want marrying "my foreigner"




That's all.


# Hope fever cancel to come to me.
# Such surprising day for today. hihi. My smile reach my ears.

RAMADAN : DAY 14 - No Suhur!

Salam Ramadan!!

I was oversleep, awake on 6 am today. I didn't take suhur.

guess what?!

My gastric attacking.. watcha watcha!!

I was trying to hold it till evening, but its already 12pm.
And my tummy killing me.


I gave up.

May Allah forgive me.
My friend Faten buy me that Gaviscon Liquid, to cool my tummy.
Actually, even it's only gastric but the pain really killing me.

Oh ya by the way the Gaviscon background.

It's a book, my Sifu- Mentor write it, such inspiring book.


Alhamdulillah, I already have roommate.


RAMADAN : DAY 13 - Short Semester begin

Salam Ramadan!

It's new semester already and my timetable already released. I only have 3 days class Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Today I didn't do anything much.

Just in my room doing nothing.

Cleaning my room. Oh ya by the way, I'm at Hostel now. I still didn't have roommate. It's like every semester I need to stay alone for many weeks then will have roommate.

bersabar je la!