RAMADAN : DAY 15 - Iftar with Ida

Salam Ramadan!

How are you people?

Today kinda long day for me.
I have class at 8.30am.
with Ida.

So after class about 11.30 am, we plan to go to Jalan Tar looking for anything. - I don't know what anything mean too.


Unfortunately, we was totally exhausted cuz the weather too hot. I even got flu cuz hot weather and cough. Even till now, my throat feel sore. Hurt. So, we return to my hostel. After asr we move for our plan.


Earlier, we've plan to iftar together.

As always, we buy food at Paradise restaurant - (Pakistani Cuisine)
Cheap and delicious meal.

I don't know what is this desert name. I just take picture of it cuz I feel it very unique and look nice. 

And that aunty, we keep wondering what is she talking about. hahaha.

and what her function actually standing there.

Maybe promoting the food.
She standing in front of the restaurant and speak Malay + Urdu. I think.
What we understand what is she saying about was:

"Beriani Kambing, Beriani Ayam, Mutton "

Entah lah.

But their cuisine really yummy.

We iftar at KLCC Park, then pray at Masjid Al-Syakirin KLCC..

That's Ida.
After pray Maghreb, I took picture of her. While she just sitting and rest waiting for Isya'.

It's feel peace when entering masjid and praying with loud recitation from Imam. Seriously, peace.
Later, we plan to Iftar at any Masjid.
We've seen people from many country praying in that Masjid that time. on girl side. Muslimat prayer room. We see many foreigner.

Really facinating.

Maybe cuz me and Ida, love to make friend with foreigner. Learning their new culture.
Just like me but me surely want marrying "my foreigner"




That's all.


# Hope fever cancel to come to me.
# Such surprising day for today. hihi. My smile reach my ears.

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