RAMADAN : DAY 20 - Last 10 days of Ramadan

Salam Ramadan people!

Sudden I feel worry that Ramadan gonna leave already. Leaving us, the month that I only feel peace much.

Other month also good, but different with Ramadan month. MashaAllah.
Means I need to maximize to improve and train myself to be better before Syawal come.

So from this training month, I can be much better for next coming month.

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I watched video from Ustaz Azhar Idrus about layt Al-Qadr. InshaAllah . I hope it's still not to late for me to maximize my day with supplication to Allah.

I wish the best for all muslims too.

What to do on this last 10 days?!!!

1. Pray on time, not delaying it.
2. Sleep early, so can awake on mid night to pray, do taubah prayer.
3. Finish the Quran recitation.
4. Do good deed by helping people, or throw any block on road or prepare food for people who fasting.
5. Do sadaqah.
6. For those not fully covering aurah yet, start now.
7. Spread love.

There are so many things that we can do on this last 10 days of Ramadan.

Ya Rab,
 May us all be better person with imaan and taqwa to You.


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