RAMADAN : DAY 22 - Tazkirah

Salam Ramadan!

How's the fasting?
I dua for reader fast well, do many ibadah.
It's waste when we realize we doing nothing during this month while the fasting day getting leave.

Today after my class, I got meeting for HaluanSiswa Club. I didn't attend. I don't know why. Seem's to do good deed being hard for me.

Astagfirullah Al Azim..

But AlFaruq Academy boss called us, (we have fasilitator team). He said we going to have "Lepaking Program" with Secondary School student as Sg Pusu Secondary School.

Ya Allah,
When we arrive there, I got surprise that I need to do tazkirah for muslimat student's. I don't have any idea.

Even me, weak person but I need to give tazkirah. That was one of the hardest thing I need to do, I am worry if what I say will be different from what I actually do.

Ya Rab,
I wish you make me better. :'(

I'm not good enough.

I gather my strength and I start to open tazkirah topic about
 : Mistake that people do during Eid :
1. Meeting muhrim
2. Aurah
3. Ikhtilat

I'm sure it's not good enough because it's seem the topics being discussed many time in my life but I wish they will practice it and me too.
Just to be better.

Ya Allah.

 SMK Sungai Pusu muslimat students. I came to this school twice already and luckily the muslimat students mostly still recognize me.
I'm glad to be here.

InshAllah for next session, I will do better for my tazkirah, my public speaking, my module and the most important, I need to develop my inner side again and again.

How I'm going to spread da'wah if even me still got nothing at all?
Ya Rab , help me.

these blurry picture took by one of the muslimat student. She was so confident while she didn't even adjust the camera lens to be focus. These picture should be nice if she make it focus.

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