RAMADAN : DAY 23 - Friends

Salam Ramadan!

Another 7 days we will be in Syawal.
I don't why . but seriously. I feel like going to tearing that Ramadan leaving slowly.

(FATEN NABILA) - friend of me

Alhamdulillah, since I'm extending my study to Kuala Lumpur I made a lots of friend already.
If this one friend have matter, I able to find my other friend.
It's mean I have a lot of people here do care about me. Maybe more than what I expect or even less.
It's okay.

RAMADAN is always be my best friend, where from this month I can develop myself peacefully without interruption from Syaitan.

I do believe that.
RAMADAN, I hope you stay longer.
I'm fine when you around.

I hope Allah give me chance to meet you again. 
InshaAllah, I will make lot's of friend more. Salehah friend. Environment.
I dua so Allah always protect me from sin, and if I did - I hope I realize fast and do taubah.
Like what Muslim should do.


I wish all my worries for Dunia be gone forever.
I'm going to live in this Dunia for my Akhirah.

My dear friends,
I am happy because all of you can accept me as your all friend.
I'm happy.

Aisyah, Faten, Ida, Ayesha, Suzi, Ima, Kak Dyan, Rosni, Aisah, Siti, Mong, Lalin, Ecak, Lilang, Alia, Kyra, Yayah, Hanna, Kak Minie, Aizat, Shakira, Dayah, Mel, adik Syakirah, adik Aliah, adik Zati, Manar, Intan, Aydah, Fhakira, Mimie, Kak Nurul Iman.

 (Ima & Siti)
 (Aisah & Ima)
 (Aisyah with her Mom- the most kind aunty ever)
If I mention all of their name it will take a lot of typing. I'm happy you all always supporting me. Mostly Aisyah, a person who never fade her love of our friendship even if we are fighting.

My friends thanks.

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  1. I'm not one of ur fren.. Unacceptable..
    Captain bawa diri.. lol.. Jom kuiz!!