RAMADAN : DAY 24 - Value of Barakah

Salam Ramadan!

I'm counting day already. Few days remaining then RAMADAN will leaving.
So today, I feel miserable and sudden I found article about BARAKAH- Bless- Berkat.

I am writing this, so I can reflect back about myself. As reminder for me. Maybe if there is reader too.

Barakah is not something that you can touch or measure but it's from Allah. Doesn't mean if poor people didn't live in Barakah that's why they not becoming rich and doesn't mean if rich people live in Barakah because Allah grant them wealth.

(near to LRT BANGSAR FLOWER) : note belong to Allah. hihi

Trust me. You can feel it.

I found that we can make checklist life with Barakah. Allahualam.

1. You have a lots of money but you still didn't feel it enough
 It's like logically suppose you able make saving or do sadaqah but you do not know where actually wasted your money.

2. Doing work but always not completed
 You have a lots of idea to do but when you start it you unable to finish it and then you found another new idea, you do the same.

3. Doing something that not giving any benefit
 Even you read a lot of knowledge book but you will hardly to understand and remember it. You thought it will be benefit you, but in fact it's not even stick to your mind.

4. Time wasted just like that
  You say you are busy but actually you are wasting your time for facebook, chatting with friends, watching movie. but when it's time to recite the Quran will be hard for you. The zikr? don't even say it.

5. Never feel peace.
 Even we have a lot's of money, beauty, success but without Barakah it's mean nothing. You even feel becoming far from Allah.

Ya Allah thanks for everything you grant to me. I hope I will be better person.
Ya Allah forgive us all.

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