RAMADAN : DAY 29 - Ha?! It's not Malacca

Salam Ramadan!

Today morning, after fajr prayer we going to other city.

So, the first eid not gonna at Malacca.

We going to Faten grandma house at Johore.
So we going down to south of Malaysia.

I meet her grandma they call her as Mak Wang.
I almost always call Mak Wang as Aunty because her age more like to my mom age.
Faten mom, I also always about to call her Kakak, cuz my sisters average.

Faten mom calling herself as Ibu to me, which Ibu mean Mom.

I record short video how they celebrating their night before eid.

It just short video.
I regret that I didn't bring my tripod to get better video.

That's all.


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